Jingyi Liu
Eric Dai


In this episode, Nucleate Signal hosts Eric Dai and Jingyi Liu interview Dr. Trevor Martin from Mammoth Bio. They discuss Trevor's career inspirations, pivot from academia to biotech entrepreneur, the mission of Mammoth Bio, as well as lessons learned as CEO. Mammoth Biosciences is focused on discovering novel CRISPR systems that enable new possibilities for expanding biology.

Show Notes

  • Trevor talks about his inspirations for his career path [1:22]
  • How to choose his PhD advisor and lab [3:51]
  • Career trajectory, handling moments of uncertainty, and learning from mistakes [9:56]
  • Trevor discovered a niche at the intersection of biology, physics, and computer science [11:54]
  • Mammoth is uniquely positioned as an innovative science-focused company that delivers for patients [18:36]
  • Trevor's key leadership advice he has learned as a CEO [24:43]
  • CRISPR technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare [27:55]

Mammoth Bio Website

Mammoth Bio LinkedIn

Trevor Martin LinkedIn

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