Sam Kessel

In this episode, Nucleate Signal welcomes Tony Kulesa, Principal of Pillar VC and Co-Founder of Petri. Tony talks about his journey from academic science to his experiences starting a Life Sciences Incubator and ultimately joining Pillar as a Venture Capitalist. He shares the inspiration for Pillar to develop a thriving biotech ecosystem by providing founders resources, community, skills, and connections to launch founder-led biotech companies.

Show Notes

  • Tony's career foundations as an academic scientist at MIT and early inspiration for entrepreneurship [0:43]
  • Engaging in entrepreneurial groups shaped Tony's early career [07:10]
  • Tony's inspiration to co-found Petri [11:38]
  • Pillar is rethinking the approach to biotech investing [25:21]
  • Pillar's investment thesis [30:34]
  • Tony's advice to a PhD student who is considering industry and entrepreneurship [35:59]
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