In this episode we speak with Sean McClain, the CEO and co-founder of Absci. Sean talks about Absci's mission as a generative AI company to develop novel therapies for patients who are in need of new treatment options. We also discuss his inspirations, career path, and leadership lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sam Kessel
Sam Kessel

Show Notes

  • Inspiration for career in Biotech in biotech (1:40)
  • AI implications for drug development (7:30)
  • How Absci integrates lab techniques and AI-simulation (10:10)
  • Mentors that were influential in Sean's journey (22:49)
  • Sean's views on leadership, decision-making and team dynamics (30:10)
  • Absci's pivot from synbio company to generative AI (37:15)
  • Sean's advice for founders (46:15)
  • Sean's passions outside of Biotech (48:30)


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